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"Power of Faith"
Religious Candles offers you a wide variety of religious candles to use along with the "Power of Faith" specially blessed candles. All candles have been personally blessed by a Power of Faith Spiritual Specialist. The uses and descriptions of these religious candles can be found below.

After you decide upon the appropriate candle, choose it from the drop-down list in order to select it for purchase.

Yes, anything is possible
with prayer and belief. offers you the following religious candles. Select a product from the menu to select it for purchase. All candles are $14.95.

SAN ALEJO (Alex) – Used for protection from enemies and Satan, to chase away evil.
ST. ANNA – Used to gain Friendship and Love.
ST. ANTHONY – Used to request special favors and success
ST. BARBARA – Used for courage to do the things you need to do and for protection
ST. CHRISTOPHER – Used for safety in travel
ST. CLARA – Used to create understanding and knowledge. Will clear serious problems.
CARIDAD DEL COBRE – Used to gain love, affection and money. Aids in difficult pregnancies
SAN DESHACEDOR – Used to destroy evil spirits
SANTA ELENA – Used to overcome sorrow and sadness
SAN EXPEDITO – Used for quick help in times of trouble and for protection
ST. FRANCIS – Used to achieve serenity and spiritual blessing
GRAN PODER – Used for special blessings and protection
GUARDIAN ANGEL – Used for protection
INFANT OF PRAGUE – Used for protection from evil and to gain wisdom
ST. JOHN – Used for protection from evil and to gain wisdom
ST. JOSEPH – Used for family blessing, needs and protection
THREE KINGS – Used for luck and protection. Use when you want a wish to come true
JUSTO JUEZ – Used for protection in court
ST. JUDE (GREEN & WHITE) – Used to help in very difficult matters. GREEN is for job and money. WHITE is for peace and serenity.
LORD’S PRAYER – Used for protection and peace of mind
LADY MT. CARMEL – Used to help with life’s problems and gain assistance in hour of death
ST. LAZARUS – Used to help in your daily needs and to heal in health problems
ST. LUCY - Used to keep you free from all evil and jealousy
LA MADAMA - Used for protection. Excellent for luck
ST. MARTHA - Used to help overcome difficult moments. To gain aid and protection
ST. MARTIN - Used to gain freedom from sin and impure and evil thoughts
LAS MERCEDES - Used for peace and serenity. To eliminate confusion and chaos
ST. MICHAEL - Used for courage, protection, and deliverance from enemies
ST. MICHAEL REVOCATION - Used to send evil back to one who caused evil. Read 23rd Psalm. Use for protection in dangerous situations.
ST. RAFAEL - Used for safety and protection when traveling
ST. TERESA - Used to attain purity and cleansing. To relieve sickness and obtain a happy marriage
SACRED HEART - Use for daily blessing
REGLA - Used for protection, blessing, and good health
MOSES - Used to help you follow the Ten Commandments
ELEGUA - Used to keep evil away from you and your home. Use no oil
ST. ELIAS - Used to overcome evil in the home
LADY OF GRACE - Used to achieve blessings
CROSS OF CARAVACA - Used for protection and blessings. Anoint with Holy Oil
GREGORIO HERNANDEZ - Used to help a sick person recover
HIGH JOHN - Used to help you with very difficult problems. Anoint with High John Oil
BARON DEL CEMENTERIO - Used to return evil to person who sent it to you
LA MILAGROSA (Blessed Mother) - Used to achieve miracles
YEMAYA - Used for good maternity and to eliminate problems between parents and children offers you the following religious candles. Select a product from the menu to select it for purchase. All candles are $14.95.

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